How long will my appointment take?

The first appointment is always the longest and can take up to 2 hours depending on what diagnostic testing is necessary along with your exam.  Any treatments which are needed are offered, when possible, on the same day to limit the number of visits necessary to the clinic.  Subsequent appointments are usually completed within 60 or 75 minutes depending, again, on what testing and treatments are necessary.  Of course, emergency patients are frequently treated during the day and delays can occur.  We try to communicate any delays in the clinic with our patients and we appreciate everyones patience.

Are eye injections painful?

No.  All three doctors take care in assuring that every patient is as comfortable as possible.  No patches are necessary and most patients remark that the procedure wasn't as uncomfortable as they thought it would be.

Will I be able to drive myself if my eyes are dilated?

Most patients will be able to drive themselves home even after having their eyes dilated.  If this is your first appointment or you are unsure about your ability to drive after having your eyes dilated you might want to bring a family member or friend with you to your appointment.