David Spinak, MD


Dr. Spinak grew up in a small town in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay.  He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.  He enjoys biking, theatre, skiing and playing soccer when not at work.  Dr. Spinak lives in Kitsap County with his wife Naomi, son Jacob, and daughters Mirit and Lilah.

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Dr. Schneiderman started Retina Center Northwest in Silverdale, WA., April 2001 and a few months later opened another office in Sequim, WA.  He had the idea that all patients should not only get the best care when visiting their doctor but also the best service.  By 2005, he decided that he didn't want to compromise the care of his patients because of the number of patients who needed to be seen, but he didn't just want anyone.  August 2005 Dr Spinak joined the practice and added great enthusiasm for the Retina Center Northwest ideals.  With the advancement of technology and treatment options for their patients they again found themselves in need of another great provider, June 2010 Dr O'Malley joined the practice.  They all continue to provide the best of care along with great customer service, insisting on spending the time necessary to meet each patient's needs.